My Life at State

Welcome to MSU. I'm officially a senior and in my last year of college. If you want to know what it's like being a student, including the ups and downs of a real college girl, then welcome to My Life at State. These are my thoughts, experiences and life in college. What happens at MSU is here to see and experience with me. I've learned and grown so much and I'm sure I have so many more things to experience. Life isn’t always perfect but those experiences just make for a good story.
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First REAL Snow

Well ladies and gents, we got our first “real” MSU snow. The other snow we got was nothing compared to what we got yesterday. It was crazy how bad out it got. Luckily, I was back in my dorm before it started snowing horribly. I only made it back by a sliver though. It wouldn’t have been so bad if there wasn’t already water on the ground. Because there was though, a nice little layer of ice formed under the snow. I didn’t leave my dorm after I got back because of the snow haha. It was seriously unexpected. The buses even temporarily shut down because of it. The only thing I worry about when it comes to snow and MSU is the care of the sidewalks. Sometimes they are very relax about the conditions that the students have to walk through. They get 90% of it though. The other nice thing is that they have buckets of salt in buildings so that if students see ice outside they can salt it themselves. West Circle has a big problem salting the sidewalks next to and besides the dorms so maybe they should do that too. Although I will say, by the time I had to go to class today, the sidewalks were clear of snow and the trees were dripping snow from all the sun we got. The biggest problem was probably the fact that I didn’t want to go to class today because of the snow. I did though, I went to both of my classes. I was happy I did because it was not nearly as bad out walking as I thought it was going to be. The other thing is that it’s hitting that time of the year where the buses are packed with students and buses start running behind schedule. Ah winter. What better way to exit November and enter December

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